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    Designed to influence the way you travel, the Babalu "Club Sandwich Index" brings you reports from around the globe.

    Discerning travelers know more than anyone how important it is to feel at home when traveling or dining. Whether on the road for work or flying private to that paradise escape you've been ever-so-patiently waiting for, all other elements of a hotel or restaurant experience should never be diluted by the home-away-from-home comforts that the perfect mouthwatering club sandwich offers.

    Voila! There it is, "Club Sandwich" listed on the menu. Just seeing this immediately evokes expectations associated with ordering the Perfect 10. A visual and mouth-watering imprint as strong as our olfactory sense. Nothing less will suffice. And in our view, it doesn't matter how good the hotel marketing brochures, wine list, spa treatments, length of the swimming pool, number of golf holes, bed linen thread count, or generosity of a late check-out request - for us, the club sandwich weighs in at 90 out of 100 total points of total travel experience. That's right folks, 90%! So, we've created an index to rate your travel experiences and we'd like you to share your experiences.

    Frankly, we don't usually tolerate social media food photos but we want to see the quality of club sandwich that you've been served. So snap away, send us your photos and detailed scoring. The Club Sandwich Index-O-Meter consists of 10-value-added sets of criteria that serves as the basis for score calculations. We'll be posting your findings and announcing periodic prizes to our participants regularly on the Club Sandwich Index.

    Welcome aboard. And wishing the most wonderful club sandwich ever!

    How to rate your overall experience:

    Where did you Dine / Stay and when? __________________________

    1. French Fries Presentation (over sandwich or on the side and what type of container) 1-10

    2. a. Condiment Service (did you request from your server, or were they provided before or at time of club sandwich service) 1-5
    b. Condiment Quality (presentation of condiments: mini-bottles, open individual Demi-bowls, or other format (yick, can only imagine!) 1-5

    3. Overall Club Sandwich Presentation (mouthwatering, an innovation beyond your dreams or underwhelming)- please describe 1-10

    4. Quality and type of bread: fresh/stale, three layers thick - less or more, fresh or toasted, thickness, did it rip off the roof of your mouth? With or without crust? 1-10

    5. Freshness and quality of ingredients: (turkey vs chicken, avocado, tomato freshness, bacon quality, etc...) 1-10

    5. Napkins - 100% Egyptian fine linen or absorbent cotton, polyester or... Paper (NO!). Was napkin

    re-folded for you when you left the table to freshen yourself? 1-10

    6. China and Flatware Presentation: silver service and fine porcelain, dome service (primarily for room service Clubs, but add two additional bonus points if you received dome service at the restaurant service level!), diner quality flatware or god help us, please don't tell us if it was paper/plastic - just add 0 points.

    7. Special Requests satisfaction: for example toasted vs. fresh, hold the mayo, salad instead of fries, did they charge you for extra avocado? 1-10

    8. Overall Satisfaction - did your club sandwich stack up to what you to be the perfect Club? 1-10

    9. Did you feel the love? Could you feel inspiration emit from the kitchen or instead were you left with the sad knowledge that it was an "obligatory" offering. Did your mouth-watering experience prevail over price? 1-10

    10. Overall Hotel / Dining Experience (non-Club Sandwich related): 1-10

    [Did your hotel or restaurant destination not even offer a club sandwich? I this case you must enter 0 for Points 1-9, for a maximum total points of 10 out of 100 in section 10. We want to know if you couldn't find a club sandwich at your destination, so we can share where to absolutely avoid!

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