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    Babalu Miami

    1111 Lincoln Rd.

    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    +1 305 538 0777

    The Raleigh Hotel

    1775 Collins Avenue

    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    +1 305 612 1160




    With Promo Code: LOVEFEST2015

  • Babalu Sale Continues

    Our sale continues with added new styles to choose from.




    1 ITEM - 20% OFF

    2 ITEMS - 30% OFF

    3 ITEMS - 40% OFF

  • Fornasetti Profumi Launches "Sole di Capri"

    Fornasetti Profumi is launching their newest fragrance in their line of exquisite home scenting devices with a personal appearance by Laurent Delafon.

    #fornasetti #babalu

    Join us for this very special occasion and the unique opportunity to receive a gorgeous room diffuser valued at $150 with a Fornasetti purchase of $300 or more.


    Limited time only offer while supplies last.
    Not valid in combination with any other offers.
  • Ladurée est arrivé!

    Laduree has arrived in Miami Beach and the town is simply delighted!

    #laduree miami

    Iconic purveyor of the most famous French macaroon since 1862 has finally opened its doors just across from Babalu Miami.  The petite shop is simply adorable and French service adds to this sweet fantasy. With flavors like Fleur d'Oranger, Cassis Violette and Marie Antoinette, it is definitely worth a visit to find out what's inside these delectable morsels.

    #laduree #miamibeach #babalu

    1100 Lincoln Road
    FL 33139, United States

  • Introducing Hampton Sun

    Come join us for a sun-filled afternoon at Babalu Palm Beach to meet Hampton Sun brand creators Salvatore Piazzolla & Grant Wilfley.  Sparkling bubbles, gifts-with-purchase and inspirations for Valentine's Day.


    5PM TO 7PM

    Invitation 1

    Babalu Palm Beach

    21 via Mizner, Worth Avenue. Palm Beach, FL 33480

    Opening Hours:
    Monday - Sunday: 11am - 9:30pm


  • Babalu Opens at the Grand Dame of Deco - The Raleigh Hotel

    We are proud to announce the opening of our new Babalu boutique at The Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach.

    Referred to as the Grand Dame of Art Deco for its style and architecture, The Raleigh Hotel is also known for its iconic swimming pool made famous by Easter Williams. Come to visit Babalu at the Raleigh, which features exclusive lines from Tom Ford Sunglasses to Dan Ward and Nina Swimwear, or simply enjoy a cocktail by the pool - you just can't go wrong either way.

    Check out this great article by Maria Tettamanti on Babalu at the Raleigh: Miami.com.

    #babalumiami #popup 1

    Babalu at the Raleigh

    1775 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    T (305) 612 1160

    Opening hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 10am-10pm
    Sunday: 10am - 8pm


  • Babalu Palm Beach Open!

    We are very proud to announce the opening of our brand new location Babalu Palm Beach. Come to see us at 21 Via Mizner, Worth Avenue to experience the Babalu magic.


    Keep in touch about upcoming events and announcements. Send us an email to hello@ilovebabalu.com (or subscribe to this blog)!

    BY DAY Inside our brand-new Palm Beach Location.
  • Monkey Business in Palm Beach

    Who knew? There are only two gravestones in the whole of Palm Beach Island, one of a dog and one of a monkey.

    Buried next to each other are Laddie, the dog of socialites Rose and Morton Sachs and Johnnie Brown, Addison Mizner's spider monkey.

    Mr. Mizner adored Johnnie Brown and would never go anywhere without him. At his passing Mr. Mizner was heartbroken and wanted to keep Johnnie Brown close, so he buried him in Piazza Torlonia just behind his Via Mizner house, today the location of Pizza al Fresco.

    They must have really loved each other, as some of the employees at Pizza al Fresco swear they see the monkey 's ghost at night wandering, looking for his human companion, but I bet you that the poor thing is only trying to catch one of their deliciuos pizzas!

    Johnny Brown See Johnnie Brown's grave in Via Mizner,  just in front of Babalu Palm Beach.
  • Hot on the Beach: 100 Montaditios

    Want to spend an evening like a Miami Beach local?  Then save your Wednesdays for Happy Hour at 100 Montaditos. With their famous $1 Wednesday's, who wouldn't like to wind-down with a $2 glass of sangria and a $1 montadito*?

    * spanish sandwich
    100 montaditos 100 Montaditos on Lincoln Road is just one of many locations.

    The menu is simple, yet has an array of choices for their Wednesday specials. They have 100 montaditos to choose from, all with different fillings, a few salad choices, delicious fries, Spanish beers, wines and sangrias.

    The staff is constantly busy, but are friendly and try their best to make you feel at home. If they're not running around, they're dancing by the front door laughing with other customers who are waiting to be seated.

    But the best feature about 100 Montaditos is the simplicity of it all. Bring friends from far and wide to experience an evening like a local at very reasonably priced meals, and it's only few blocks from Babalu Miami.


    541 Lincoln Rd - Miami Beach, FL 33139

    (305) 538 3863