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  • Orto Parisi

    This amazing new launch from Alessandro Gualtieri, the Nose extraordinaire behind Nasomatto, is bound to make an impression. A collection of 5 remarkable unisex fragrances that are as attractive as they are thought-provoking and mysterious. Orto Parisi is inspired by the memories of Alessandro's grandfather's home.

    orto parisi 3

    BERGAMASK - Citrus Musk. ‘Berga’mot is a very fresh citrus fruit. ‘Mask’ to capture the musky odor expelled by a fresh kill.

    BOCCANERA - Oriental, Spicy, Vanilla. Boccanera means ‘dark mouth’ in Italian. Nature offers dark holes that express sensuality in an erotic dark way.

    BRUTUS - Aromatic, Fougere. In reference to the Roman senator Marcus Junius Brutus, who was known for his lack of eloquence.

    STERCUS - Floral, Woody, Musk. From latin meaning ‘feces’.

    VIRIDE- Green, Woody. Viride comes from Latin meaning ‘green’. GREEN/VIRILITY.


  • Back to fragrance school

    One of the most exciting events of this summer was our fragrance workshop with Saskia Wilson-Brown, Founder and Executive Director of the The Institute for Art and Olfaction which advances public and artistic engagement with scent by providing accessible and affordable education.

    In the cosy event room of the Petit Ermitage Saskia introduced us the basics of fragrance making; a brief historical background presentation led to the introduction of perfumery basic ingredients and finally to making  our very own fragrance one molecule at the time.

    My creation for the day was Paol-Eau de Toilet, my uniquely fresh and bright blend of Bergamot, Labdanum, Violet, Amber and Vetiver.

    Saskia Wilson-Brown, IAO Founder and Executive Director with a  student Saskia Wilson-Brown, IAO Founder and Executive Director with a student
    Close encounter with a very rare very expensive chunk of ambergris Close encounter with a very rare, very expensive chunk of ambergris
    The fragrance organ The fragrance organ
    The making of of Paol-Eau de Toilet The making of of Paol-Eau de Toilet


    Support the Institute for Art and Olfaction here.

  • Art Basil

    The  common basil is as popular as it is fragrant and delicious. It appears on as many dishes as it does in fragrances and with different degrees appreciation in different countries across the globe. In Greece however it appears to be a thing of national pride and you'll notice proudly cultivated bushes in every household.

    Glorious basil bushes in Greece Glorious basil bushes in Greece

    Check out our selection of fragrances with basil at the Babalu Perfume Bar

    left to right: Comme des Garcons GREEN, Amouage for Mane MEMOIR, Laboratorio Olfattivo COZUMEL, Annick Goutal EAU D'HADRIEN left to right: Comme des Garcons GREEN, Amouage for Mane MEMOIR, Laboratorio Olfattivo COZUMEL, Annick Goutal EAU D'HADRIEN
  • Babalu Launches the Perfume Genie

  • Fiele Fragrances: The Essence of Purity

    Fiele Fragrances launches with a collection of old world artisanal perfumes reinterpreted for the modern day. Luxe, clean and a little earthy, every composition is created with wildcrafted and organic essential oils sourced from around the globe.

    Inspired by exotic ingredients such as Himalayan Cedar, Nepalese Juniper, Somalian Myrrh,  Indonesian Patchouli and Egyptian Violet each linear fragrance is both unique and familiar.

    fiele fragrances white S Cedrus: Himalayan Cedar, Juniperus: Nepalese Juniper, Myrrha: Somalian Myrrh, Pogostemon: Indonesian Patchouli, and Viola: Egyptian Violet

    All formulas are blended by hand and compounded in small batches out of Santa Monica, California.

    Available at Babalu stores and online at ilovebabalu.com


  • Five Essentials for Men


    Update your Cologne. Aqua Universalis and Aqua Vitae by Maison Francis Kurkdjian are ideal for casual occasions but also suitable for the office. Both distinctive, gently citrusy and lightly floral they feel like a breath of fresh air and wear like a crisp white shirt.

    #aquauniversalis #aquavitae

    New shades. Trends come and go but elegance is timeless. Persol Eyewear combines highly engineered frames with a casual sense of luxury that only enduring brands can offer. Try the classic folding style that fits in your pocket for that ultimate touch of Steve McQueen.
    The Panama. Unavoidable for our climate. Choose a reinvented classic from Paul Smith or Anthony Peto and add a designer touch to your wardrobe without having to step out of your comfort zone.
    #paulsmith #anthonypeto
    Wallet. Yes, it does look old! Like all accessories they get worn-out after a year of wear-and-tear and although we might not like to take it out as much as we do we ofter have to show it. Forget the bi-fold Grand Dad style and opt for a contemporary slim-line to update your essentials: ID Card, 1 Visa, 1 Amex, 2 Business Cards and $50 in loose currency should be enough to cover just about anything for a night. Choose Comme des Garçons or Paul Smith to look the part when it's time
    to perform.
    #commedesgarcons #paulsmith
    Embrace a new evening fragrance. Times have changed, whether for a formal occasion or for a romantic soirée, aftershave alone just won’t do anymore. Opt for something subtle but with character. Cuirs by Carner Barcelona that whispers sexy and mysterious or maybe Boutonniere by Arquiste; an approachable fragrance with a sophisticated allure… Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons will emphasize your modern edge with a no-nonsense appeal while Tabacco Toscano by Santa Maria Novella will leave your impression without putting you in the center of attention. Just remember, how you smell is just as important as how you look.
    #babalu #perfumebar
  • Arquiste Scentsation

    Join us for a series of events to announce the pre-launch of Arquiste "The Architects Club" featuring renowned perfumier Carlos Huber.  RSVP@ilovebabalu.com. Space is limited.


    Arquiste Event_ Babalu

  • Fornasetti Profumi Launches "Sole di Capri"

    Fornasetti Profumi is launching their newest fragrance in their line of exquisite home scenting devices with a personal appearance by Laurent Delafon.

    #fornasetti #babalu

    Join us for this very special occasion and the unique opportunity to receive a gorgeous room diffuser valued at $150 with a Fornasetti purchase of $300 or more.


    Limited time only offer while supplies last.
    Not valid in combination with any other offers.
  • Armchair Traveling for Carpri Lovers

    The island of Capri is on everyone's minds lately. Now, there's no reason to wait for summer! Try our at-home experience with 3 simple Babalu steps.

    Set the tone: Light-up Sole di Capri scented candle, the newest fragrance by Fornasetti Profumi.

    Indulge: Spray yourself with a sparkling Soleil de Capri by Montale Paris

    Relax: Pick up a copy of  "In the Spirit of Capri" by Pamela Fiori, dream away...

    #fornasetti #montale-paris Sole di Capri candles and room spray by Fornasetti Profumi, In the Spirit od Capri by Pamela Fiori, Soleil de Capri by Montale Paris.
  • Meet Perfume Creator Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard

    #JuletMad #babalupalmbeach