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  • Fab Collab

    Babalu joined forces with artist extraordinnaire Ashkahn for a limited edition, Miami inspired collection of greeting cards and T's.

    It's fun, fun, sun and then some!

    Come grab 'hem. available instore and online at www.ilovebablu.com


    The Miami inspired greeting cards The Miami inspired greeting cards
    ashkahn-Babalu-mu Fab -collab T's printed in Barcellona with Fair Trade cotton by Thinking-Mu
  • The Art of Making a Spectacle

    Classic, retro, glam or pop. Spectacles are a cool way to get noticed while hiding from the sun.

    Persol, Illesteva, Etnia Barcelona or Balenciaga, find you pair of every occasion.

    Available at Babalu stores.

    spectacles From top: Etnia, Balenciaga, Illesteva, Persol
  • Five Essentials for Men


    Update your Cologne. Aqua Universalis and Aqua Vitae by Maison Francis Kurkdjian are ideal for casual occasions but also suitable for the office. Both distinctive, gently citrusy and lightly floral they feel like a breath of fresh air and wear like a crisp white shirt.

    #aquauniversalis #aquavitae

    New shades. Trends come and go but elegance is timeless. Persol Eyewear combines highly engineered frames with a casual sense of luxury that only enduring brands can offer. Try the classic folding style that fits in your pocket for that ultimate touch of Steve McQueen.
    The Panama. Unavoidable for our climate. Choose a reinvented classic from Paul Smith or Anthony Peto and add a designer touch to your wardrobe without having to step out of your comfort zone.
    #paulsmith #anthonypeto
    Wallet. Yes, it does look old! Like all accessories they get worn-out after a year of wear-and-tear and although we might not like to take it out as much as we do we ofter have to show it. Forget the bi-fold Grand Dad style and opt for a contemporary slim-line to update your essentials: ID Card, 1 Visa, 1 Amex, 2 Business Cards and $50 in loose currency should be enough to cover just about anything for a night. Choose Comme des Garçons or Paul Smith to look the part when it's time
    to perform.
    #commedesgarcons #paulsmith
    Embrace a new evening fragrance. Times have changed, whether for a formal occasion or for a romantic soirée, aftershave alone just won’t do anymore. Opt for something subtle but with character. Cuirs by Carner Barcelona that whispers sexy and mysterious or maybe Boutonniere by Arquiste; an approachable fragrance with a sophisticated allure… Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons will emphasize your modern edge with a no-nonsense appeal while Tabacco Toscano by Santa Maria Novella will leave your impression without putting you in the center of attention. Just remember, how you smell is just as important as how you look.
    #babalu #perfumebar
  • Arquiste Scentsation

    Join us for a series of events to announce the pre-launch of Arquiste "The Architects Club" featuring renowned perfumier Carlos Huber.  RSVP@ilovebabalu.com. Space is limited.


    Arquiste Event_ Babalu

  • Stephen Webster: Rock Master

    The Stephen Webster Collection for Men and Women is now available in both Babalu Miami and Babalu Palm Beach.

    Just last month we were invited to host the launch of Stephen Webster Men's Jewelry Collection at Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour. It was an honor to share the spotlight with one of the most talented designers of our times (see event images here).

    #stephen-webster #nieman-marcus #babalu From left: Paolo Ambu, Stephen Webster, Greg Melvin

    Here below some highlights from Stepehen Webster outstanding collection now in store at Babalu Miami and Babalu Palm Beach.

    Women's Mother of Pearl Collection

    #stephen-webster #babalu Clockwise: Blue Crystal Haze Earrings, Mother of Pearl Fish-Scale Cuff, Blue Crystal Haze Ring, Mother of Pearl Fish-Scale Bib Necklace.

    The Men's Silver Collection

    #stephen-webster-men #babalu From top: "No Regrets" Bracelet with Black Onyx Beads and Sterling Silver Raven Clasp, Sterling Silver "Love Hate" Cufflinks, Sterling Silver "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll" Ring, Sterling Silver Necklace with Rubie and Black Sapphires Cross.
  • Hampton Sun and Beyond

    Newly arrived and now available at all Babalu boutiques, Hampton Sun is the hottest, safest and most luxurious way to enjoy the sun.

    #grantwilfley  #salvatorepiazzolla #hanptonsun Grant Wilfley & Salvatore Piazzolla at the iconic Clock Tower in Palm Beach

    We were able to catch up with Sal for a quick Q&A during his last winter escape in Palm Beach.

    Fave Beaches: Copper Beach, Southampton for summer and the Palm Beach beaches in the winter

    Beach Day Must-Haves: John Varvatos sunglasses and of course Hampton Sun SPF 15 Face Cream - I don't leave home without it!

    Fave Beach Reading: Wall Street Journal & Palm Beach Illustrated

    What's on Your Beach Playlist: Diana Krall

    Here's some background on this amazing line... Inspired by the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons, founders Grant Wilfley and Salvatore Piazzolla created Hampton Sun, a complete line of luxury sun care, skincare and fragrance products that erases the line between sun care and skincare.  A modern formulation with care to every detail of the line's creation and execution.

    This perfect  two-in-one combination makes it the must-have protection for your next dip in the sun, and it turns out that it will work just as well on your favorite beaches too!

  • Federico Uribe's Urban Oasis

    FEDERICO URIBE, one of our favorite Miami-based artists since we first came across his work 6 years ago, turns New York into an urban jungle like nobody's business with his current exhibition at the Hudson River Museum. See what the New York Times has to say...

    Federico Uribe EATING CHICKEN Eating Chicken, Federico Uribe Medium: Shoelaces Dimensions: 7' x 7'

    In the midst of a dizzying 3013 exhibition line-up starting with Miami and Peru, then on to his native home of Colombia and now New York, Uribe continues to redefine the art of "waste-not want-not". The Master of manipulating ordinary materials into modern masterpieces, this prolific artist pulls out all the stops to utilize anything unexpected ranging from nuts-and-bolts to pencils, forks, shoe laces, yard rakes and even bullets. In other words, there are no limits to Uribe's 3-D imagination. See what the New York Times has to say...

    Target and Home Depot must be eating their hearts out about now.

    Federico Uribe is represented by Now Contemporary Art in Wynood, Miami.

  • Who is Mr. Greenberg?

    Mathew Malin and Andrew Goetz are the creative duo behind the eponymous modern, sustainable, no-nonsense approach to skincare line, Malin + Goetz.  We caught up with them to to discuss anything but business and discover the men behind this quintessentially New York brand.

    Mr. Greenberg the polyglot pug. Mr. Greenberg the polyglot pug.

    What are you passionate about besides skincare? 

    Our Pug , Mr. Greenberg. He is a polyglot, fluent in French, German and English.  He’s an incredibly skilled Frisbee player.  He has a bladder like a camel and is happiest when he’s sitting on your lap – which is a bit annoying when trying to peck-out this illustrious story.

    Curious and inquisitive. What does he enjoy? 

    He loves coming to the office – both the City and the Country suit him; so long as there is warm bed waiting for him.  He has not embraced car travel, but seems to like the subway.  He is ultimately a very happy young dog – and he makes us extremely happy too.

    Tell us how Mr. Greenberg came into your life.

    The last couple of years were not easy for us on the canine front.  Our English Bulldog, Bob and our French Bulldog, Junior had become very old and increasingly geriatric.  Matthew and I also officially graduated from eccentric New Yorkers to hovering on the cusp of crazy ones.  Bob’s Alzheimer’s disease manifested itself in him walking in circles – and in diapers – yes he was in diapers – he’d get caught on our conference room office chairs, causing them to go along for the ride with him.  While Junior’s mind was totally intact, he too had graduated to diapers and had lost use of his hind legs.  But both never suffered and were always happy to be plopped in our doggy stroller and spend the day at the office with us.

    It must have been a very difficult time.

    Pushing two dogs back and forth along Seventh Avenue in a stroller daily caused a bit of a scene. But we really wanted to be with Bob and Junior as their sun set.  Bob made it to 16 – which is virtually unheard of for an English Bull Dog.  Junior died of natural causes a year later at 15; a day before my 50th Birthday.  By the time they were both gone, we were both mentally and physically exhausted; giving new meaning to the expression “dog tired.”  We had become full time canine care givers and needed a break.  And a break we did take.  But as summer headed into fall, we began to really miss having a dog.

    So, enter Mr. Greenberg?

    We started at looking at some doggy-porn rescue sites.   Eventually we ended up at the Green Mountain Vermont Pug Rescue.  And that’s where we found Mr. Greenberg; née Moose.  He was 3 years old and had been abandoned 3 or 4 times.  His sponsor brought him down to our country house in upstate NY so they could meet us and evaluate his potential new home.

    What's with the name?

    It was love at first sight; except for his given name.  Since he was from Vermont – French for Green Mountain, we decided to change his name after his Motherland, but with a New York twist.  While Vermont is French for Green Mountain, “Berg” is the German word for Mountain; ergo Mr. Greenberg – what could possibly be more New York!

    Matthew Andrew Mr Greenberg Matthew Malin, Andrew Goetz and Mr. Greenberg.
  • Carner Barcelona: A family affair

    A story about tradition, craftmanship, quality and passion.

    Narrated by Sara and Joaquim Carner this short film takes us through the fascinating history of the Carner Barcelona brand and the magical world of perfume making.


  • Well-oiled Olie Biologique

    argan oil

    Summer is coming; it’s time to take extra care of your skin. After having fun under the hot Miami sun, it’s a must to hydrate and maintain skin looking healthy and glowing. What better way than an all organic safe way?

    Olie Biologique is a 100% USDA Certified, pure and potent oil brand that promises nothing but the best ingredients. After 3 to 4 months of cold pressing, balance and testing, the oils are then bottled up in an organic certified wind-power lab. The oils are multi-tasking, which means, instead of buying 5 products, you just buy one healthy product.

    Olie Biologique Babalu Miami

    *Creator, Linda * says, “The market is flooded with ‘natural’ oils, but most of them are diluted with silicones, synthetics, other generic "carrier" or filler oils, sometimes with little efficacy or derived from the stages of the distillation process which are less potent (think cold pressed extra virgin olive oil - why do we prefer that on our salads versus basic olive oil).”

    Good point.

    So, which of the oils to choose from? Let’s start with the 100% Organic Argan oil for hair and body, nicknamed, the “White T-Shirt” of oils, whose simplicity, quality and versatility are a staple in any skincare wardrobe.

    Or, the 005 Rejuvenating Oil? With some added sugar for quick morning exfoliation, you can also apply on the plane to prevent dehydration. Some even blend with a luminizer for a silky evening glow, and then use overnight to repair sun damage.

    Lastly, the 004 Hydrating Oil that’s great for hyper-pigmentation, acne and keeping the skin hydrated after being in the sun. Also perfect in the morning and evenings after a shower to keep moisture locked into the skin.

    For Linda, Olie Biologique is a personal passion and she loves seeing and hearing from her customers who have found simple solutions with the oils, from dry, brittle hair; dull, flaky skin; irritated sensitive skin; peeling nails or even acne. Yes, oil essentials can help with acne too! And at Babalu, we also love to hear our customers who have tried the oils and rave about them.

    When are you starting to treat yourself with better oils?

    Greg of Babalu Miami (left) with Linda Alixe Thompson Creator and Founder of Olie Biologique (centre) and Paolo of Babalu Miami Left) Greg of Babalu Miami (left) with Linda Alixe Thompson Creator and Founder of Olie Biologique (centre) and Paolo of Babalu Miami Left)