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0.3% Soy Protein. All Skin Types. Amino Acid Hydration Technology.

FACE: An easy 5-minute foaming gel mask: Innovative, oxygenating cleansing agents replace harsh detergents and drying clays to deep-pore-cleanse, lifting dirt, oil and make-up away from the skin without irritation, while creating a physical barrier to seal hydration. Complex amino acids and natural almond extract gently and effectively purify, clarify, balance and soothe. Stable Vitamin C, antioxidants Vitamin E and Soy Protein help firm and address concerns for aging while instantly brightening complexion. Natural

CLEANSER: deeply cleansing and purifying mask works to lift dirt, oil and remove make-up, in place of your cleanser or a make-up remover and without irritation. Skin is left instantly clear and bright! Oxygenating cleansing agents gently foam (you will look like a marshmallow) to open pores and pull impurities from the skin to the surface of the foam, washing away clean. This product is also used during our spa facial protocols to open the pores for blackhead extractions. Great for oily/acne prone skin maintenance.

HYDRATION: Especially good for dry and dehydrated skin (and after a long flight or before a special event that you need to look your best), our mask offers deep and intensive hydration or water to plump the skin and add instant clarity, smoothness and dewiness.  Plant-based amino acids and almond extract gently oxygenate or foam-up (you will look like a marshmallow) to soothe and brighten.  Rinse foam clean after 5 minutes (or tissue off) to leave a “seal” of hydration to the skin. Great for in-flight and post flight for a deeply hydrating cleanse without the use of water.fragrance and color.

SHAVE: This multi-use and multi-tasking product can be used as a hydrating, foaming shave cream and facial cleanser (and deep cleansing mask) all at the same time! Our cleansing mask opens pores for a deep cleanse while softening hair and allowing for a smoother, hydrating shave. Apply to dry face, allow to foam, shave off.

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