Babalu is all about living la dolce vita in the lap of casual luxury. Surround yourself with beautiful things!

We give you a unique one-stop shop stock full of stunning must-have items. Our exquisite collection of curated specialty designers is updated constantly and comes from the most innovative talent and purveyors around the world – from Namibia to Milan, Paris, London and all points in between.

Everything at Babalu is hand-chosen, not easy to find. The Babalu Perfume Bar is a celebration of the world’s most distinguished niche parfumiers. Exotic stories inspire each creation, and every fragrance bottle has its genie.  Without apology, Justin Bieber and J. Lo didn’t make the cut!

Our Babalu Beauty Bar features sexy luxe brands from tomorrow’s cosmetic industry stars who share a no-nonsense approach to natural beauty. We prefer to enhance our beauty, not recreate it. 

And, Babalu also sources eco-conscious micro-collections from niche designers who give back to our global tribal neighbors in need. Plus, we collaborate with select artisans to create our signature Babalu items. After all, we are wholeheartedly, and happily, dedicated to you, our ever-discerning globetrotting shopper.

So, visit us often and enjoy our very best finds in design, fashion, art & technology.

Babalu Miami

1111 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139


(305) 538-0777

DAILY: 11am - 11:30pm